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Vartan A. Khanamirian

My father, Vartan Aram Khanamirian, was born in Prestwick, Scotland, in 1945. His father was an American Army Captain and his mother was the daughter of an English financier (who donated 2 spitfire fighter planes to the RAF).
At the age of 16, my father’s energy and search for profit and adventure could not hold him back from working, for NO pay, at a retail men's clothing store in Freeport, Long Island. Within the first 30 days, my father sold more merchandise than any other salesperson. After a short time, the owner invited him to become a partner. My Grandfather seized the moment and bought the store! He appointed my dad as manager and proprietor. By 1969 my father had built the business into 3 stores and a separate wholesale business which included Nassau County employees, including the Nassau County Police Department and local hospitals. Further seeing his potential, my grandfather suggested Real estate to his son and in 1975 VAK Realty Corporation was founded here in Huntington, New York.  Having had no prior Real Estate knowledge, my Dad relied on his years of retail experience as salesperson, manager and owner. He was a quick study of the Real Estate Business and within 1 year he had garnered over 250 property listings and forced the 'old guard' establishment brokers to change the 'listing brokers' commission from 30% to 50% and that industry standard remains to this day.
Having had an untreated strep throat at 7, my father developed nephritis which was misdiagnosed several times before his kidneys died at the age of 25.  From that time, my Dad was dialized 3 times per week for 6 hours each at home.  A potassium absorbent was prescribed which my father took for the next 18 years.  At the age of 43, my Dad was told he could no longer be dialized.  
A kidney transplant was necessary and after discovering that not only were me and my two siblings perfect matches, so was my Mother, Mary Anne.  My Mother donated her kidney to my Dad in July, 1988 and it died four days later.  The surgeon admitted to 'kinking' the ureter.  My Dad insisted the same doctor perform the next transplant for which I donated.  My father had 16 more years moving his business and family forward without ever calling attention to his illness and discomfort.
My father’s business card had a circle of words surrounding his company logo that read: honesty, reliability, integrity, professionalism and fairness. The VAK Companies incorporate these philosophies into our relationships with customers, investors and all with whom we conduct business.

Stephen Khanamirian, Managing Director

Mr. Khanamirian has been in the mortgage origination business since 1985.  He is also President of VAK Realty Corporation, which in 1987 became the seventh mortgage broker to be licensed in New York State.  Stephen has spent 26 years originating, processing and closing residential and commercial mortgage loans. This experience, coupled with his multi-family apartment ownership and management over the past 13 years, has enabled him to develop VAK Capital, LLC in 2008 and create the capital and insight into the operational review, development and oversight of mortgage asset capital.

Andrew Miller, Managing Partner

Andrew Miller has spent more than 35 years as President and CFO of Astrophonic Corporation of America, a manufacturer of electrical cable and power cords.  In 2001, Mr. Miller started a factoring company – Alliance One, LLC – which now factors in excess of $45,000,000.00 in receivables annually.  As a multi-unit apartment owner and single family luxury home developer, Mr. Miller joined VAK Capital in 2009.  His experience and expertise in both finance and real estate has proven to be of great value to VAK Capital.

Lori Forrest, Portfolio Manager

Ms. Forrest has over 20 years experience working in Mortgage, legal and financial industries.   Lori is proficient in operations, by successfully integrating software procedures, training and managing sales and customer support.  These experiences have been incorporated into VAK for 5+ years organizing and heading all aspects of new acquisition review and pricing, analyses and information technology applicable to portfolio valuation and review.

Michael A. Soliz, Jr, Acquisitions Manager

Over the last 13 years of Michael’s career, he has developed a vast network of secondary and capital market relationships.  His simple but direct approach has enabled him to transact with the countries top institutions, private equity firms, funds and national loan servicers.

His extensive and diverse background in mortgage origination, private money lending, whole loan trading and mortgage servicing, has enable him to succeed in numerous whole loan trades.

As the acquisitions manger, Michael is proud to contribute his skill set, reputation and industry relationships to the success of VAK Capital, LLC.

Cheryl Morales, Asset Manager

Cheryl has been working with Mr. Miller and Mr. Khanamirian for over 14 years and is responsible for the first line interaction with customers.  Mrs. Morales brings her experience as mortgage loan processor, underwriter and closing coordinator of over 1,500 mortgage loans.

Thedra Lizardi, Asset Manager

Formerly Assistant Manager for North fork Bank, Ms Lizardi has 14 years experience running retail operations in private banking. Thedra is bi-lingual and has been instrumental in running compliance and customer service departments for VAK Capital.

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